Hobby Farms

(for hobby farmers)
50 /month
  • Automated crop scheduling
  • Seed to harvest tracking
  • Accurate yield forecasting
  • Simple zone management
  • Connect Agrilyst to control systems
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Small Farms

(up to 10,000 sqft)
250 /month
  • Includes Hobby features and...
  • Data exporting
  • Weekly yield reporting
  • Barcode tracking
  • Custom reporting
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Large Farms

(10,000 sqft — 5 acres)
500 /month
  • Includes Small features and...
  • Unlimited insights
  • Unlimited nutrient tracking
  • Record and track key farm performance metrics
  • Set employee permissions for your team
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All plans have a 12-month commitment.

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Complete Feature Comparison

Feature Hobby Farms Small Farms Large Farms
Create Crop Cycle Templates and Scheduling Check Check Check
View 30-Day Harvest Forecast Check (show weight estimate) Check (show weight and unit estimates) Check (show weight, unit, and revenue estimates)
Record Yield Data Check Check Check
Add Production Zones Check (3 max) Check Check
Access API (link to connected devices) Check Check Check
Email Support Check Check Check
Export Data into .csv Check Check
Add Custom Data Fields Check Check
Map Production Zone Capacity Real-Time Check Check
Weekly Yield Reporting Check Check
Track Nutrient Metrics Check (up to 2 readings per tank per month) Check (unlimited)
Track Additional Operating Metrics Check (up to 5) Check (unlimited)
Custom Reporting Check (limited) Check (all insights)
Barcode Tracking Check Check
Full API Setup Check Check
Add Employees Check Check
Assign Tasks to Employees Check Check
Set Employee Permissions Check

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